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     I'm sure Peter Laird will have his quibbles too so while it's not terrible as so many of the reviews would have you believe it's also nothing truly amazing either. A real shame too considering I'd been eagerly awaiting this movie after 2007's TMNT & 2009's 2K animated series finale, "Turtles Forever". With other movies out on the horizon this past year like Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, X-Men Days of Future Past,Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers 4, etc., this was the one movie that was at the very top of my list of must see's. I wasn't in complete shock being well aware of Platinum Dunes' deficient filmography but still had some faith since it was being directed by Jonathan Liebesman who's also responsible for the very underrated period/action flick, "Wrath of the Titans". It's not that this movie's bad because it's not. It's very action oriented with some great humor, & the special f/x are absolutely top notch. The turtles themselves look absolutely jaw droppingly spectacular as does Splinter & while many complaints were targeted at the turtles themselves as appearing too hulking with flared nostrils, this is all just total nonsense. If your a long time fan you can see right away they look like a cross between the artwork of Michael Dooney & those incredible A.C. Farley paintings from the Mirage Studios era. Megan Fox, William Fichtner, & Will Arnett are great despite how little their given to work with.
     The movie's flawed because it moves at such a swift pace & then it's over just as fast which would be fine if we got to know the characters a little better but the script obviously didn't leave room for any of that. It's almost as if this movie was aimed strictly at the fans which would seem like a good thing but a negative one for the uninitiated moviegoer. The lack of character development kills any attempt at the story they're trying to tell here & so everyone in the film comes across quite flat & one dimensional. Despite these faults what this flick successfully does, much like Zack Snyder's Man of Steel or more recently, Michael Bay's last Transformers movie is that it adds new flourishes to the TMNT mythology that leaves plenty of more things to explore in future installments. This takes all the various iterations of the turtles world & tries to create something all together new & that's as it should be. As a long time fan I can honestly say that none of the changes they made to the turtles origin's or Shredder & the Foot was dissatisfying in any way. In fact, this new film's origin story seems heavily influenced by IDW's current comic book series. Not everyone, but most fan's will enjoy this movie who either grew up with them through the comics books or the infamous campy cartoon that followed it. Casual viewers will see it as disposable popcorn entertainment perfect for one viewing but hopefully the sequel put's a little more running time & substance into their protagonists. C+
It's official & who knows how long this will float in Hollywood limbo heaven going forward. But anyways it's one of my all time favorite comics, characters, & favorite illustrators. Creator Erik Larsen's legendary comic book series. Click on the link!…
     Great "under the radar" comic from the minds of the Men in Black films & one of DC Comic's premiere architects. A wonderful & original tale set during the age of the dinosaurs. The title itself pretty much states it's premise but it's all done all very neatly & alluring to appeal to a broad audience. The magnificent artwork is another excellent highlight. Mukesh Singh's illustrations is perfect & what really makes this a standout comic book among the monthly many. If you enjoy indie comics this is an excellent premiere. I'm quite eager to check out the second part because this first volume is a very fast read & the sketchbook section at the end is another plus. If you're curious what else is out there besides the Marvel & DC roster, this is as a perfect place to start as any. I picked up the 1st volume in digital format on Amazon.


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