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This is just my yammering over the new Supergirl TV series from CBS. Granted it's just 2 episodes in yet I was quite surprised by it that I'd figure to drop a few lines about it. I'm a longtime & die hard DC & generally comics fan, & as great as it is that for the better part of the decade we've been getting spoiled all these movies & show's I can't help but feel that sooner or later it's all just going too implode on itself. Clearly some signs have been creeping out already (eg; Fox's latest FF movie, NBC's Constantine, etc.) but like most things, a trend has it's time in the spotlight before it turns into facts that describe moments in an era. Think "hair metal" or "grunge". I can only hope celebrity "reality TV" will finally meet a similar demise. In any event, while its great that older fans like myself are finally seeing some of these longtime characters adapted for the big & small screen, I've always preferred the original source material first & foremost. Comics are just so much more unlimited in their expressiveness & creativity. Back to Supergirl. Just from the trailer's & promo's alone I wasn't moved at all as I also dislike TV's Arrow, Flash, & Agents of Shield. I just never seemed to like CW's (remember the WB?) approach to the DC characters excluding 2004's animated, anime infused The Batman. The much maligned Fox's Gotham is a personal exception too. Also didn't care all that much for I Zombie or the short lived Constantine. Was it me or did Matt Ryan's portrayal just seem a little too hyper as the esoteric manipulator ("snake")? The promo's for Supergirl seemed like a blatantly mindless knock off of Superman but with more female friendly aesthetics for our current, hyper sensitive PC era but fortunately the writers have kept a good chunk of Supergirl's back story intact while making it contemporary with a premise that makes sense. Or at least the cast of the show make's it seem like it's all making sense. Sure Supergirl has it's moments of cheesiness (what current & past superhero themed show hasn't?) but overall it stands far enough removed from Synder's MOS movie & other Superman movie iterations though there are some mentions of the current Henry Cavill version but thankfully Melissa Benoist's Kara Zor-El is a totally different archetype & has enough wit, & charm to carry the weight of this new series. Not perfect but also not total bubblegum fare like the CW so hopefully the first season moves from strength to strength with each episode. This was definitely a surprise hit for me. Hope it stays around for a bit. 
Mike Mignola & Dark Horse Comics knock it out of the park once more with an awesome new comic book. Dark Horse is one of the veteran & premiere voices in not only indie comic books but fantasy & horror as well. Mike Mignola's line of titles, also affectionately called "The Mignolaverse" is continuously some of the most innovative & sometimes underrated comics on the racks in my opinion. Frankenstein Underground is a five issue miniseries written by Mike Mignola who also provides all the cover art & beautifully illustrated by Ben Stenbeck with perfect coloring from Dave Stewart. Mignola's Frankenstein monster is a perfect jumping on point for new readers & it's suspenseful pulp noir, lovecraftian tone isn't so far removed from it's cousin titles like Hellboy, BPRD, & Abe Sapien. Easily one of the newest & enjoyable reads of 2015. Simply a gorgeous comic book & the perfect alternative to the "big two". A+……

There's two new art book's coming from IDW come December 3rd, 2015 & again on February 4th, 2016. From their smash hit comic book series comes "TMNT -The Kevin Eastman Covers". It'll pretty much include all his covers from the regular monthly series as well as cover art from the various mini's & one shots, plus probably some other cool exclusives too. Next will be "TMNT: The Kevin Eastman Notebook Series". From it's description on Amazon it seems like it'll be a stylized sketch book/notebook filled with doodles & notes duplicated right from his actual sketchbooks. This is a very cool thing & obviously a must for all old school turtle fans. Their available for pre-order on Amazon with more info. too.……

First off I have to stress that I'm a big fan of all the FF comics & they're various iterations so I was very enthusiastic when I saw the first teaser & trailer for this movie. I caught the film the night before it's official release & while I didn't completely hate it, it was also far from the innovative, hard science fiction film I was expecting. What I liked the least about this movie was that I noticed tons of scenes cut out of the movie. Scenes that were all clearly in the various trailers. This was also an issue for me with Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man 2. I strongly feel movie studios shouldn't release any teaser or trailers until the movie has completely passed through the editing process. It almost feel's like false advertising. This movie had been getting plenty of hate since it was announced but after seeing the first teaser it looked very promising to me because it seemed as if Fox was wanting to try something new that distanced itself from the Tim Story movies & create a successful movie brand like they've done with the X-Men. This FF leans a bit more towards the "Ultimate" version than the Kirby/Lee creations more clearly found in the Tim Story films. Basically Marve's "Ultimate" imprint took many of their veteran characters & rebooted them as much younger individuals. Needless to say, what this film comes across as a half grounded, gloomy science fiction & half popcorn movie. You can easily see where Josh Trank's vision comes through in certain scenes & where Fox exec's wanted a more straight forward, mainstream superhero flick. I also had no idea that Trank & Fox had been banging heads so fiercely throughout the production of this but after seeing the film it clearly shows. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking some liberties with the source material if done well so Fox should have just let Trank make his film as he saw fit & as was originally planned, & it probably wouldn't have flopped so hard. Again, while the theatrical cut isn't nearly as bad as all that hate it get's it's still far from perfect. The cast are all excellent despite some real lack of character build up, terrific but under used special effects, & an almost all too brief running time. It's almost as if Fox edited this to be a fast set up to showcase more things in the sequel but any plans for that are in all probability dead in the water now. It is what it is. And it's a shame. C+


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